Feast of San Pedro and San Pablo

The day of San Pedro, patron saint of fisherman held in all ports and covers of the coast of the V region 29 June, but is in Valparaiso where acts reach higher profile and color. At the time,the images of the saint is carried in a boat procession, accompanied by hundreds of small boats across the bay. As this occurs, the ships sounding their sirens and vessels involved are decorated colorfully. The purpose of it is that the patron saint of fisherman intercede with God to be fitted with marine products throughout the year. They also hope to be favored by good weather to protect their ships, lives and work, while thanking the good received in this year. Completing the maritime act, the image of San Pedro is unloaded and carried on a litter to the Church Artillery of the hill, accompanied by thousand of faithful. Also participate “Chinese” fisherman from other caches with costumes and traditional instruments.