Vina del Mar, Photo Book.

Viña del Mar is located on the coast of central Chile. This iconic city was founded in 1885 and is famous for it´s beautiful gardens, temperate climate and crowded beaches. It´s name is simply the result of a play on words: ”Viña” for it´s famous vineyards and “del Mar”, because it´s proximity to the Pacific Ocean. This little book is the resoult of noting more that a personal desire to make a registry of the place where I was born, I grew up and lived until the age of 17. In my efforts to recall and preserve my memories of childhood: the streets, the houses, the people, the sunsets and the sea, the sea that I hold very dead has been and endless source of inspiration for me. To cuote Rainer Maria Rilke: ”The true motherland of man is the childhoog”. Dedicated to Sonia Peroni, my mom.