Reñaca Beach is at the most northern most extreme of the city of Viña del Mar and has been incorporated by it. To the north, along the cost road, is the area of Cochoa and the town of Concon. It is know mostly as a summer months (December-April). The tourist part of town os clustered around the main beach,which is referred to locally as “Long Beach” and is divided non-physically into five sectors (1-5). Reñaca has grown slowly but steadily over the years, from a very small community to a more self-sufficient town which lacks few of the commodities of a proper city. As expected of a summer resort town, there is a great gama of wonderful hotels, apartment rentals, lively nightlife activities and excellent seafood and international cuisine restaurants. Reñaca Beach is also well know as one of the first place were “the locals” start to surf the waves down to the pacific ocean on the 80s.