EXHIBITION “THINKING OF YOU” Galeria MILM2 Santiago Chile, November 2013.

Exhibition divided into 3 parts.

Somos Punks: A visual journey that investigates the distinct littoral regions of central Chile,Quintero,Vaparaiso,Algarrobo,Concon, and his birthplace Viña del Mar. Here remain the last vestiges of the punk movement that inspired him form an early age, after listening to “Sandinista”by The Clash (relaeased in 1980)”. I remember my brother listened to that record and I stole it from him, I listened to it one day when he wasn’t around and it changed my life ”…” what “Blade Runner” was for my eyes, ”Sandinista” was to my ears.

Paisajes de ti: Section containing landscapes of the regions the autor has captured during different trips to Valdivia and Ensenada, to the south of Chile. Trips translated into intimate images captured in the south. Thinking of You is a installation that combines paint photography and collages where the artis journey through a personal landscape, ”Images of Love”, a simple visualization of concepts and urban landscapes that re-interpretate themselves upon visual reconstruction.

Retratos: Notalble portraits incluiding the recent winner of Premio Ibero Americano de Literatura Jose Donoso, plastic artist and writer Pedro Lemebel, the singer Colombina Parra, North American super model Yuri Pleskun, the actress Javiera Diaz del Valdes, singer Sean Lennon, Atom, front man of Primal Scream Bobby Gillespie to named a few.